Let me introduce myself

I’m passionate about engineering and that affects the way I look at life, even when I’m not working. This shouldn’t be surprising with all the things in every day life that needed to be engineered. I hope to offer my engineering influenced perspective on all kinds of things including but not limited to recreational pursuits, travel, food, photography and music.

Here are a few things about me.

Occupation: Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer

Recreational Pursuits:

  • Surfing (In the ocean, not just the internet)
  • Photography
    • Digital with my Sony RX100II and Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Film with large format 4×5 inch black and white film that I develop and print myself.
  • Flying (when I can, as I have a pilot’s license)
  • Travel, mostly local but I intend to travel more internationally.
  • Playing the piano, I’m classically trained and enjoy playing from music and by ear.
  • Tinkering with tech
    • Computer programming with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, R, Matlab/Octave and sometimes C.
    • Electronics: soldering, circuit analysis, and Raspberry Pi computers
  • Cooking (I make great pizza)
  • Taking care of my historic house


  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering From Walla Walla College
  • Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering at California State University Long Beach
  • Various online courses including but not limited to electronics, probabilistic graphical models, data science.

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